Milkface CAM

Welcome to the Milkface CAM. This site is dedicated to a dear little Siamese cat whose life was captured with a digital camera and shared with the world.

Milkface was a special little light for one family in San Jose, California. But she was a light that burned so bright she inspired her buddy, Matt to daily let the world peek in on her.

Over the 3 years and 9 months of her life, Matt posted some 885 pages. Her dedicated fans who started their day with a peek in on the Milkface CAM saw her beauty and personality through his eyes.

Milkface was like a little angel who dropped into our lives, enriched it, and just as quickly left it. I've got to believe that her soul has moved on and she has now, in some form, dropped in on some else's life to brighten it.

Please enjoy the beauty of Milkface and what she meant to her family and friends.

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